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Reimbursement from private and public health insurers

Your primary or supplementary health insurance may cover some of the cost for osteopathic treatment. Please address this issue with your insurance company BEFORE commencing the treatment and inquire about the exact reimbursement procedure.

Many public health insurance companies offer partial reimbursement for osteopathic treatments. Private health insurers and supplementary insurance policies also cover the cost either partially or fully, provided that the personal therapy contract includes treatment by a registered alternative practitioner. This means that insurers may reimburse treatment costs under the condition that the treatment was performed by a qualified physician or registered alternative practitioner. Additionally, most public insurers require a recommendation or private prescription for osteopathic treatment issued by a physician.

I am a member of the Verband der Osteopathen Deutschland (VOD): A list of insurance companies that currently offer partial coverage for osteopathic treatment can be found on the VOD website. For an overview of health services covered by public German health insurers please visit Osteokompass.