Osteopathic treatment for children and babies

For an osteopathic treatment for children and babies, the same guidelines and principles apply as those for adults. In addition, the osteopathic practitioner needs to know the stages of development for babies and children: during the osteopathic treatment, knowledge of normal sensory, emotional and neurological development is combined with the refined ability to find dysfunctions within the structures of the body.

In order to treat children and babies, a further 2 year training is required by our German Osteopathic Association. I completed the training in September 2017 and am listed on the website of the VOD – Verband der Osteopathen Deutschland, Wiesbaden – as a certified osteopathic practitioner for children and babies.

Treating children and babies is special, as they have their own kind of diseases and problems. In comparison to adults, they have a great developmental potential because their tissues and bone structures are still growing. Osteopathy sees them as having very good abilities of self regulation.

Each step of development requires a special type of relating to the child or baby during treatment. I treat the “little patient” with a lot of patience and respect. The osteopathic techniques are adapted and modified according to the patient’s age.

If the parents have any questions about the exam, diagnosis, or treatment, I am happy to answer them before or after the osteopathic session. For me, it is very important to do everything so that the little patient has fun and enjoys the osteopathic treatment.

For babies, it is vital that their parents stay physically in touch with them during the osteopathic treatment: parents can touch their baby, talk or sing to it or play with them with their favorite toy. Should the baby be momentarily overwhelmed, he or she can be treated in the arms of one of the parents. The baby may get hungry and should be fed before the session can continue.

Please bring along a baby blanket, a favorite toy, a pacifier, and, in case you are not breast feeding, a baby bottle.

As babies cannot concentrate for a long time and as they have a fast adaptation and self regulation, the duration of treatment is usually 30 to max. 45 minutes.

For small children the same applies as was said for babies. One essential difference is, however, that small children have a big need for movement. So the treating osteopathic hands need to follow the movements. Often the small child is also treated in a sitting position, which allows the child to play with its toys.

Please bring along a favorite toy, picture books or a favorite textbook that the child loves to listen to in order to make the time during the treatment entertaining and pleasant.

Also, please bring along a baby blanket or a big towel.

The duration of one session is usually 30 to max. 45 minutes.

One parent must be present during the osteopathic session.

The duration of one session is usually 30 to 50 minutes – the same as for an adult.

For babies, children or teenagers under the age of 18, both parents need to give consent for the osteopathic treatment. It is also required that at least one parent is present during the treatment session.

For babies and small children, please bring their favorite toy and some picture books and a baby blanket with you.

For older children, please bring a textbook and a big towel.

If there are any reports from doctors (for babies and small children “Ü”-Heft) who have treated the child before, please bring them along.

Before your first osteopathic session, please ask your health insurance whether and under which conditions a reimbursement for osteopathic treatment is possible.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions you have about the osteopathic treatment (my practice number: 069 96 233 433).