DH_osteoverband_logoIn my Clinical office for Osteopathy in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen I treat patients on personal appointment. Every osteopathic treatment is designed individually to meet your needs. Osteopathy aims to identify and treat dysfunctions. Each therapy starts with comprehensive anamnesis and is followed by a manual examination and treatment session.


Osteopathy aims to identify and treat dysfunctions, addressing each patient as a unity of body, spirit and soul.

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I see myself as an advisor and companion to my patients. I listen carefully to my patients and take their individual symptoms seriously.


The design of my clinical office was guided by my own ideas of serenity and harmony as well as by Feng Shui principles.

Praxis für Osteopathie Dorothee Heidinger

Praxis für Osteopathie Dreieichstr. 42
60594 Frankfurt / Main-Sachsenhausen

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